People of the Earth

            We don’t need a one world government. We need a one world people. We have been divided for too long. In the name of religion and nationality, throughout known history, we have been killing each other for what? For the benefit of a very few. We are all brothers and sisters, around the world. We all feel pain. We all feel Love. We all have our own perspectives and aspirations. We are all of the human race on this planet Earth. We have been chopped into kingdoms and serfdoms to serve a very few at the expense of very many and we have been corralled in fear, greed and deception. The vibration of this attitude has kept us in a very low state of consciousness. Our political systems are poisoned with greed and deception and our mainstream medias maintain a low state of consciousness with lies and violence. An enemy is profit and there’s no profit in a cure. It plays like a songbook from hell. When one travels abroad it becomes very clear that, although different cultures may have a little different perspective on things, we are all brothers and sisters of the same Mother. In these troubled times, it is important that we realize that the people of other nations are not our enemy. They live day to day as we do, with families, loved ones and neighbors while governments, banksters and corporations foment hostility for their personal gain as they destroy the ecosystems of this beautiful planet, home to us all. It is time to recognize that our biggest ally is each other and our biggest threat are those that would try to control us, and divide us for profit and power. The information age has brought us all closer together around the world and it is time to build on this initiative to unite as people of the world in the cause of freedom and dignity and justice for all. In unity, we can easily raise the vibration of consciousness around the world. It’s time for this change and we are the ones here to change it. We have been the servants and slaves to our governments and not the masters as the word democracy suggests. It is time to bring ‘Power to the People’!

            This avarice for war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Serbia, Libya, Uganda, Somalia and Palestine is disgusting. There are people living there! We want to save them by killing them, or starving them, or raping them or torturing them? We must see beyond the bullshit! People just like us are living in these places. These are our brothers and sisters. Would you wish the treatment that the peoples of these countrys have endure on your own family. We must no longer be divided by the greed, lies and deception of the psychopaths that initiate these atrocities. Let us unite for the rights of all our brothers and sisters around the world and put an end to the divisiveness that thirsts blood for profit. Let us join together as one, as we are in the collective consciousness and create a wonderful world for all. This is the dream we are becoming. Love to all.


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