We've been lied to and cheated for too long! Wars sold on lies for profit with complete disregard for all life(I believe this is the definition of a psychopath). Banks built on fraudulent fiat currency, selling money they don't own, taking countrys assets for pennies on the dollar as they make slaves of the people and trash the planet (I believe this fits the description of a gangster or, yes, a bankster). This has to stop - around the world! We are all brothers and sisters. Our hearts and our voices together can unite us all in the common cause of our dignity and freedom. We are all involved. The opportunity is here right now to make changes in a peaceful manner (because violence will only breed violence) and we have an opportunity to make more meaningful connections between all people around the world. We have a world that's hurting and we can heal it with our motivation. Right now our ecosystems are being destroyed by the greed of corporations placing money above all else. Above all that we cherish.

   Like the cells of the body that work together to create our physical form and functions, we, as members of the human race, can work together around the world to create a world that honors ourselves, honors life and honors the earth. You can feel this new vibrancy radiating across the world. Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, and Britain and now Australia, the US and Canada and it certainly won't stop there. It's quite exciting! Please be involved. And please, don't be swayed by the bullshit that they're going to throw in our face to try to distract us. They've been playing this same game for too long. There is an opportunity here and the time is now. And, as with music, timing is everything.



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