New Year 2012

Here we are in 2012. A year of change. I hope we all follow our hearts in this year and share our heart's Love with others. We are all of the human race. We all have the same capacity for Love. We have a choice in every moment to live in joy or live in pain. Thought creates so it will be important for each of us to envision the kind of wonderful world we would like to create for the betterment of self, our fellow wo/man, all of life and our home, Earth. We must adopt the attitude of the indigenous people in their honoring the natural world. It is time to put wisdom above money. We need to create a world where people and life itself are worth more then the dollar bill. Without people, money would be useless. We need to create a world that is inclusive, not exclusive. A world that honors the dignity and freedom of every individual. We all have our own special talents to contribute to the process of the positive changes that are going to occur. I wish you all every success in your contributions to creating a New World in this New Year.

Love to All,


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