Cops Become The Terrorist

Look at the way the cops are dressed. They have the top of the line fighting gear. They’ve been trained for this stuff. They know all the moves. They have all the weaponry, all the gasses, the cannons, all the knowledge for violence(…assorted tools and gasses for quelling the masses). Now why would we want to fight them on their terms. Violence is a very low vibration and it really is seen that way by everyone, in their hearts, even though the media tries its best to lobotomize people and deaden their senses to violence. (Seen any good movies lately?) Well, when the cops are the only ones committing the violence, they look pretty ugly. There are so many cameras now, that the truth comes out. When the protests remain non violent, women are apart. If it turns violent, the women will be gone. We need their energy for balance. We don’t want to build something new on low energy. The media has tried to display the protesters as violent, only to be caught in their lies by cameras on the scene. This helps to expose the mainstream media for their complicity with the crimes of the 1%. People are waking up.  If the protests remain non violent, people of all ages and walks of life will include themselves and will encourage others. What we need here are mass events and that can only be achieved through non violence and non compliance. Money doesn’t work if people don’t use it.  What would all the money junkies do if everyone said, ‘screw your money we’ll find something better.’ Radical idea right now but things are changing fast. If people ,on mass, refuse to work, the system comes to a stop. I guess we as people need to wake up to the power we posses collectively. We’ve been led into these dichotomies of left versus right, republican versus democrats, divide and conquer, when we all want to live satisfying lives in freedom and good will to and from others. This is achievable, but if it’s done through violence, if this ‘revolution’ turns violent, it will make the Nazi regime look like kindergarten. They seem to be geared for that but we can’t let them have it. We must play to our strengths; integrity, inclusiveness, tolerance and non violence. If we want to build something better, let’s start with a strong and true foundation.

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