A Season Of Change

What's going to happen to Santa this year? Are they going to shoot him out of the sky, arrest him as a terrorist, or when he laughs at the notion of the TSA putting their hands down his pants, they put him lock down, or are they going to pepper spray him for bringing reindeer within the city limits, or maybe take everything in the sleigh; "See you later fat man, be on your way"?

We have a problem here! The cops are public servants, as it were, and they need to be reined in. Look at the cost of outfitting these Darth Vaders. We need to have our so called elected representatives rein in this thuggery. In a just society, the police maintain civility in the community. There's nothing civil about the way the cops have been treating PEACEFUL protestors. The cops must understand that they are standing in the way of much needed change that will benefit their families as well. Banksters and souless corporations cannot run our democracy. They do not have our best interests in mind. We need more wisdom at the top, not more corporate collusion. Money and power are their driving force. Look what they're doing to our ecosystems around the world. They are poisoning the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, and even the thoughts we think through the mass media/hollywood corporations. We have all been lied to. Civilians, Soldiers, Sailors, Police. We have all been lied to. Multiple wars of untold devastation and loss of life for profit! Now that's a souless venture. Lies to create wars. Lies to create terror . Lies to steal billions from the public purse. Lies to cover lies to cover lies. For the good of all humanity, we need to rein them in. Make them accountable for their gross misdeeds. We, as spiritual beings having a human experience, have more to live for then slavery and the degrading conditions that presently persist for profit.

Thought creates and the more we can see a better world, the better our chances of manifesting that better world. We all have power beyond our current understanding. Be creative and positive with your thoughts of a new rennaissance, a new world with dignity, integrity and Love for all. We are approaching it now.

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