Rob Gordon - vocals, drums & percussion, keyboards, guitar

 Hi, my name is Rob Gordon. I'm a singer songwriter, musician, engineer, Producer from Stratford, Canada. Music is what sustains me and makes me whole. My musical career emerged about the age of 11 when my brother, Al, got a drum for Christmas. I was fascinated with this drum and began playing it whenever the house was empty. It wasn't long before I was playing in fledgling bands and loving it. My parents felt I was going in the wrong direction and sent me away to school. I was not deterred. The school was very strict and there was little time for music. So I made some. 'Lights out ' was mandatory at 10:30 PM sharp! Then they use to walk the halls to 'maintain civility'. Well, we beat them, for a few years anyway. We would get up at about 4AM when the 'security' was lax and go jam in the theater 'till close to breakfast. After a few years they caught on and I was essentially kicked out. I was free! I began playing in bands again and loving it. I traveled to England and back to Canada following the elusive dream. I've played in many bands, behind stars and strippers, in front of fans and drunks. I became disillusioned with touring, living from one hotel to the next. I wanted more from music but I seemed out of options, so I quit the whole music scene. A few years later I met Billy Farrel who was just about to embark on writing a musical. When he learned of my musical background, he asked if i would be interested in co-writing it with him. I said I would if we could make it a rock musical and 'Song of the Forest' was born. The musical was a success and attracted financial backing for an album. This was my introduction to the studio. Through the help of Dave Barber, who had the Waxworks studio at the time, I learned the art of recording and studio musicianship. I built my own studio and began writing, performing, engineering and producing my own demos for publishers. For a time my brother Al and I shopped songs into the country market. Our songs attracted the attention of some Nashville heavy weights and we traveled down to Nashville and Hendersonville to record and meet many interesting people. I also recorded many songs at Gary Hintz's studio and had many memorable times and played and worked with some great talent, many of whom are on the songs on this site. Katalin Kiss, David Kalmusky, Gary Hintz, Daniel Davies, Kevin Gingrich, Robin Henry, Dave Barber, Randy Martin, Toby Mathis, Rob Dice, Bill Farrell, Grant Heywood, Paul Shilton, Cathy Manherz and Jen Frankel. I have also worked closely with Tom Cratsley, a very talented teacher and healer from Lily Dale New York. Together we have created a number of meditation CDs which can be found at :Store, on the side bar.

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The World Healing Meditation, the last cut on The Power of Love CD, is yours for the taking. May it serve you well!

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