People of the Earth

Performed by Rob Gordon
Written by Rob Gordon





People Of The Earth


People of the Earth! It’s time to come together.

The forces that divide us serves their averis for wealth and power.

Brothers and sisters of this beautiful place,

It’s time to stand up for our dignity and grace.


Courage is contagious!

Together we can build a world on Peace and Love and Harmony.

The momentum’s growing, day by day.

A one world people in harmony, what do you say.


Why support a system for profit

That feeds us poisons and profits on the illness?

Why support a system of psychos

That feeds on terror for profit and power?

Why support a system of lies?

Truth, Justice and Freedom should be our birthright.


We are what we create so let’s

Create a world that shows our best for everyone.

In strength and kindness we are One.


People of the Earth! The light of truth is breaking through.

We all here are spiritual beings with a mission to do.

A new world’s emerging as the old one falls away.

Acceptance, community and honesty will see the way.


Let’s support an organic food supply

And bring the cures right out in the open.

Let’s support abundance for everyone

And stop injustice and prosecute war crimes.

And let’s support free energy

And free us all from debt slavery.




The World Healing Meditation, the last cut on The Power of Love CD, is yours for the taking. May it serve you well!

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My Opinion

Our food supply cannot be under corporate control! They have proven themselves to be quite devious by allowing genetically modified organisms and toxic ingredients into the food supply that we all depend on. For the sake of yourself and your loved ones, please become informed and join us all in speaking out against this 'poison for profit' enterprise! Monsanto, now bought by Bayer, is one of  the biggest criminal enterprises in world history!