The best times I've had playing music is when the band is riding on the same point of light. Some call it 'riding the wave'. The flow is incredible and the audience can feel that wave. And the energy the audience puts out increases the ride for everyone. We are emotional beings and the emotion of the 'whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. Mass consciousness and a motivational emotion can have a huge positive effect if the emotion is positive. These are troubled times for many people all around the world and the worlds troubles seem to be mounting and we seem to be heading for some kind of collision, but it doesn't have to be that way. Together we can change things in a most positive way and a most peaceful way and achieve so much more than violence ever could. The Power Of Love. I know not everyone is going to get into this mindset right away, but like the 100th Monkey theory, once a critical mass of consciousness is reached, it affects the whole. I guess I'm reaching out to all those who can see that this can work. We are multi-dimentional beings and we have the Power within us. Let's use it for the good of all the World.

      I hope you enjoy the songs on the site and there will be new ones frequently. Signing off for now........

Love to All,


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The World Healing Meditation, the last cut on The Power of Love CD, is yours for the taking. May it serve you well!

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My Opinion

Our food supply cannot be under corporate control! They have proven themselves to be quite devious by allowing genetically modified organisms and toxic ingredients into the food supply that we all depend on. For the sake of yourself and your loved ones, please become informed and join us all in speaking out against this 'poison for profit' enterprise! Monsanto, now bought by Bayer, is one of  the biggest criminal enterprises in world history!