Many scientists have conducted experiments with plants using modified polygraph monitoring equipment and have discovered and verified that plants are aware of our thoughts and emotions. In one of many such experiments, a man was to enter a room that housed two plants. His purpose was to enter the room, close the door, pause momentarily and decide, at that moment, which of the plants he was going to cut down and then proceed forward. Well, as soon as the man made his choice, that particular plant went into what would be described by the polygraph, as panic mode. The plant was receiving the man's thoughts! Therefore, our thoughts are projected. Our thoughts have energy.

   Another scientist working with plants and monitoring their responses, did an experiment whereby he attached monitoring equipment to a few plants that he had been nurturing and attached the monitoring equipment to a clock. When he was about 500 miles away from the plants, at a random time, he spent some moments thinking kindly of the plants. The plants responded immediately as verified by the clock on the monitoring equipment. The plants had received the scientist's thoughts and emotion over distance, in the same moment. Thoughts and emotions have an energy that we don't fully understand yet. I think the time has come to understand more about the power of our thoughts. Research conducted at the Backster Research Foundation, the Earnest Holmes Research Foundation and the Menninger Foundation, have led them to an understanding that all life forms are connected through consciousness at the cellular level. There is much more to us than we have allowed ourselves to believe, and it's time to realize this fact in all of its manifestations. There are billions of people on this earth right now thinking. That's a lot of consciousness! What if this consciousness, or a percentage of it, could be directed to a singular intent at a designated time? An intent to change the world to a more peaceful and loving place.

   Many, many meditation groups and healing groups have practiced remote healing whereby the group focuses their mind and their heart on healing energy and directs it with intent to the chosen person, who may be next door or half a world away. Remarkable results have been experienced by many. And yes it works or they wouldn't keep doing it. The mind has power and the minds of many focusing on the same intent have a power much greater than individual minds, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. This has been described over and over again in esteemed texts throughout the ages. The power of the Collective Consciousness.

   We have been accustomed to living our lives within our circles and the recognition of the world outside and the plight of others has been relatively out of our daily domain. That is about to change. In fact, it has already started and appears to be gaining momentum. We are on the doorstep of an age that recognizes a deeper part of our consciousness, greater abilities in perception and intuition and telepathy, and a greater sense of the connectedness we all share. It's in the air. That's where Nicola Tesla found 'free energy'. That was in 1902. We have much to comprehend.

Rob Gordon


November 13, 2011 @07:31 pm
Greetings Rob, the human blood cell and a plant blood cell are very similar. They breathe out as we breathe in. A profound connection. The 21rst is just around the corner. breathe deep and plant trees
Randy Martin

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